About Us

A family owned and operated business that consist of three females of three different generations. Mothers and daughters that rock the IT industry. It began with Generation X daughter who is a Navy disabled veteran and has her degree in Information Technologies for Homeland Security who employs her only daughter as her assistant and only parent/mother living as her publicist and promoter. These women have a strong desire of securing our nation in IT.

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Our Mission...

is simple...securing our nation in IT and providing affordable solutions to IT security, PC repairs and network administration.

Our Vision...

is to see that no one is left behind in being secured and safe from threats and hackers while being a supporter and provider in the IT industry. 


  • PC repairs
  • Network Administration 
  • IT Security

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  • PC 
  • Network
  • Security
  • Database Management
  • Network Administration 

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A Product invention in IT security for those that are less fortunate to afford advance technology

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  • Network Infrastructure
  • PCs 
  • Databases
  • Software Applications
  • Operating systems 

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What Our Customers Are Saying

My niece has taught me so much in IT. I am now paying my bills with my one finger and sit at home on my computer. She is Bad (in a good way) and a blessing to me. I will forever be a customer.

J. Gadson, Sr. - Klinn Sweep, LLC